Que es cancer fulminante. Que es cancer fulminante.

Que es cancer fulminante,

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Debut fulminant într-un sindrom cerebro-metastic- prezentare de caz. Source: Romanian Journal of Neurology.

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Author s : Hancu, A. Abstract: Introduction. After lungs and breast cancer, melanoma is the third cause that can lead to brain metastasis; this are often more than one and could be hemorrhages.

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We present the case of a 43 years old male, without any known medical history, who suddenly has headaches, mentat confusion and vomiting.

CT and MRl cerebral papillomatosis skin w ith and w ithout contrast reveals cortico-subcortical brain masses in frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital lobes both parts and also in right thalamic region. Displacement of midsaggita!

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Scans conclusions: brain metastasis, some of them with hemorrhagic content. By performing thorax, abdominal and pelvic CT scans we ruled out primary tumors.

Que es cancer fulminante

Dermatological exam showed no abnormalities. The evolution of the patient was unfavorable under symptomatic treatment.

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The patient became tetra paretic and restlessness. The patient was transferred to Coientina Hospital Neurology Section where brain biopsy o f the left frontal mass was made.

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The biopsy revealed a typical hystopatological and immunohystochimical aspect of brains metastasis which originated from malign melanoma.

Malign melanomas often can determine brain metastasis before a skin lesion appears.

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