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Data : For all samples, the focus will be on best practices for preparing the food samples for subsequent analysis, such as Mycotoxin Testing, Heavy Metal Testing, NIR, and other techniques, which will also include a discussion of the considerations for each sample type and analysis.

This exciting test procedure uses food safety presentation in an oxidizing atmosphere to burn off organic components, preparing the sample for inorganic analysis Prezentat de: Michael Hager, Business Unit Manager food safety presentation the Carbolite Gero product line at Verder Scientific Inc. Part 2 Data : Moisture content in raw foods affect the physical and chemical properties of food during processing and consumption.

The quality of milk and flour, curățarea paraziților de seară example, are determined for shelf life, economical value, and legal reasons, prior to processing into cheese and bread.

The moisture and ash content of such materials can be measured with the Eltra Thermostep ML macro-TGA, which allows step-wise programming for loss-on-ignition LOI measurements for up to 19 samples simultaneously via thermogravimetry.

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Absolvent al Universității Commonwealth din Virginia University, specializarea chimie fizică. Activitatea sa de cercetare a fost concentrată pe cataliza eterogenă a paladiului pe suport cu structuri metal-organice, pentru hidrogenarea catalitică a biofeedului brut în biocombustibili.

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Suportul metal-organic prezintă o structură cristalina 3D compusă din liganzi organici legați de centrii metalici. Aceste structuri sunt foarte bine documentate pentru utilizare în aplicații la temperaturi food safety presentation, dar se știe că se descompun rapid datorită conținutului ridicat de ligand organic.

Analizele LOI și de volatile necesare pentru aceste materiale, l-au condus pe Andrew la Eltra, unde îți desfășoară activitatea sa de specialist în aplicații de analiză termogravimetrică.

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Prezentat de: Dion A. His extensive applications and theoretical experience with ICP-OES includes multiple publications on halogens by ICP, volatile organics, ceramic slurries, high precision measurement, and ultra-trace semiconductor materials. Size and shape distributions or even surface area measurement of foods yield information about quality of the harvest, freshness or lifespan, stability, end use and consumer experience.

This segment will discuss whole bean, coarse and fine particle distributions of food products using different sizing instruments and techniques. She assists customers with both new sales inquiries and enduser application support.

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