Detoxifierea yusao

detoxifierea yusao

Citrin deficiency is predicted to impair hepatic glycolysis detoxifierea yusao de novo lipogenesis, resulting in hepatic energy deficit.

We previously reported that medium-chain triglyceride MCT supplement therapy with a low-carbohydrate formula was effective in CTLN2 to prevent a relapse of hyperammonemic encephalopathy. We present the therapy for six CTLN2 patients.

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All the patients' general condition steadily improved and five patients with hyperammonemic encephalopathy recovered from unconsciousness in a few days. Before the treatment, plasma glutamine levels did not increase over the normal range and rather decreased to lower than the normal range in some patients.

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The treatment promptly decreased the blood ammonia level, which was accompanied by a decrease in plasma citrulline levels and an increase in plasma glutamine levels. These findings indicated sucuri detoxifiante hyperammonemia was not only caused by the impairment of ureagenesis at ASS1 step, but was also associated with an impairment of glutamine synthetase GS ammonia-detoxification system in the hepatocytes.

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There was no decrease in the GS expressing hepatocytes. Histological improvement in the hepatic steatosis and ASS1-expression was also observed in a patient after long-term treatment.

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