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Any rock is a wall when you're small and you're scratching a hole Free fall, life is like pinball I love you when you call me a genius I wanna change your dna with my penis You ain't nothing but a fake dog, I'm a true dog Fuck it, not makin' love, yo, it's all about the life You can see from the outer space my dick' size With your own eyes, but you can't see me Smoking weed on my roof all night I'm sick of whole life, sick of my future wife This is not a confession, my real intention Is to keep you on hard pressure I'm a good man with bad intentions you're dating So many bad jokes parazitii in the slang of my native language No offence, I'm losing the common sense when I feel the hip-hop classic bpm My message is not violent, but in a violent way I make myself heard in a violent environment today You got a low I.

And you're happy You and me is like me and a monkey.

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Refren x2 : Is curious, scandalous, bad jokes parazitii be so furious Life is a bad joke, don't take it serious When I feel myself double-crossed, not lost Nothing can make me swallow my words.