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Now began a minute scrutiny of the book so that I could find out firsthand what this book and the fasting regimen is all about. The wise and informative approach of the author is apparent throughout the book.

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I strongly recommend not only this book, but also the system of grape mono-diet to all seekers of health. Vasey's book augments Brandt's work and gives good modern information to back it up. So many people and so many health conditions can benefit from cure detox en france approach found in Dr. Vasey's The Detox Mono Diet.

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Haas, M. Using the famous Grape Cure pioneered by Johanna Brandt as his model, Christopher Vasey demonstrates why these restricted diets are so effective in healing illness and restoring optimum health. Despite the different nutritive qualities of the chosen food, all hpv throat hurts diets work the same way: They help the body "burn" the waste products it contains to cleanse the internal cellular environment.

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They also keep the body's eliminatory organs open in order to prevent the buildup of toxins. While these cures are responsible for healing people of many serious illnesses, including cancer, their principal use lies in the way they naturally enhance the body's health by eliminating waste products and preventing the body from absorbing toxins during this process.

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The Detox Mono Diet is a practical guide that provides all the information necessary for following a detoxification regimen. To make the application most successful, the author explains how to interpret your body's reactions in a way that will allow you to adapt the cure to match your specific physiological needs, making your return to optimum health a unique journey. Christopher Vasey, N.

He lives near Montreux, Switzerland.

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